SD EnergyLink Savings Application

The type of incentive pursued determines what documentation is required. Review the information below before you begin the application.

All Applications

These requirements apply to all project applications. Apply early and contact us with questions, we’re here to help!

  • SDG&E®account number and name, as it appears on the property’s electric and/or gas bill

  • Federal tax status (Corp, LLC, etc.), legal business name and Employer Identification Number

  • Tax Exempt Certificate (if applicable for payee)

  • Manufacturer specification sheet(s) – with wattage and/or technical information

Fast-Track Incentives

Fast-Track Incentives are also known as standard rebates. Projects using only standard rebates do not require pre-approval. See the full list of Fast-Track Incentives.

  • Final invoice(s) or itemized receipt of purchase (must be within 90 days of the project’s installation date or before November 15 of that program year, whichever is sooner)

  • Manufacturer specification sheet(s) for installed equipment – with wattage and/or technical information
  • Tax exempt certificate (if applicable for payee)

Custom Project Incentives

SD EnergyLink must pre-approve projects that include equipment not applicable for standard rebates before the purchase or installation of technology, equipment, or systems.

  • Do not purchase or install any equipment

  • Get in touch with the SD EnergyLink program before starting the project