Boost the Efficiency of Your Facilities with Electrification 

As electrification orders and benchmarking standards are implemented, there are many benefits to assessing the energy performance of your properties and planning equipment upgrades accordingly. SD EnergyLink can help you make necessary upgrades with cash rebates for electrification upgrades.  

What Is Electrification? 

Electrification is the process of converting a system or service to use electric power instead of non-electric sources of power, like natural gas. Common electrification applications include water heating, space heating, and cooking. By making the move to electric now, you can take advantage of rebates offered by SD EnergyLink to assist you in this transition. 

Benefits of Electrification  

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    Reduced maintenance needs and related costs: Electric appliances typically have longer lifespans and less critical failures.  

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    Future-proof your facility to be in compliance with mandates, orders, and legislation.

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    Reduce your carbon footprint: Electrification can also help organizations reduce their impact on the environment which can support sustainability goals. 

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    Improve indoor air quality: Gas appliances can contribute to indoor emissions like carbon monoxide, nitrogen dioxide, particulate matter and formaldehyde. Electric equipment does not produce any air pollution, eliminating harmful health effects of air pollutants released by gas appliances and creating healthier spaces. 

Heat Pump Water Heaters Can Kickstart Your Way to Electrification 

If you’re not sure how to begin your electrification journey, upgrading to highly efficient heat pump water heaters (HPWH) is a great place to start. SD EnergyLink offers rebates to upgrade to HPWHs, whether you’re switching from a gas model or already have a standard electric water heater.  

Water heating can make up a large percentage of a building’s energy consumption. For facilities with laundry and kitchen operations, it can account for up to 40% of total energy usage. HPWHs can drastically reduce your facility’s energy consumption and are three to four times more efficient than gas powered water heaters.  

One of our energy advisors can visit your facility at no charge to determine if your building is a good fit for a HPWH upgrade. Once we confirm your property qualifies for a rebate, we will schedule the installation at a time that works for you. From purchasing, transporting, and installing, we take care of it all! 

The SD EnergyLink team can help you with electrification by identifying cost-effective solutions for your facility through a no-cost energy evaluation. Get in touch with us below to get started.

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