• 20th


    Mar, 2024

    Department of Energy Resources Guide Helps Connect Tribal Communities With Funding Opportunities

    The Biden-Harris Administration and Department of Energy (DOE) created the Tribal Nations and Native Communities Resources Guide to highlight federal funding opportunities for Tribal governments. This guide can help these communities learn about and navigate relevant energy efficiency programs, such as the Energy Efficiency and Conservation Block Grant (EECBG) Program. Visit DOE’s website to access the guide. 

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  • 28th


    Nov, 2023

    New Policies Empower Tribal Nations To Become More Energy Secure

    With their environmental and cultural values front of mind, Tribal Nations are working with the federal government to overcome barriers that prevent progress towards independent energy development. A recent provision in the Inflation Reduction Act allows Tribes to take advantage of federal tax credits for energy projects for the first time. Read the article by Resources to learn how Tribes are moving forward. 

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  • 9th


    Oct, 2023

    The Inflation Reduction Act Spotlights the Need to Better Support Tribal Communities in Response to Climate Change

    President Biden’s climate change law, the Inflation Reduction Act (IRA), set aside $720 million in funding for tribal governments to improve energy efficiency and develop more resilient energy strategies. This funding, alongside other resources provided by IRA programs, strengthens tribal governments and helps reduce the widespread energy poverty present in their communities. Head to Legal Planet to get additional information on IRA provisions. 

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  • 20th


    Sep, 2023

    New Alliance Connects Tribal Communities with Solar Construction Firms That Prioritize Cultural Preservation

    To reduce the barriers tribes face implementing renewable energy projects, the Alliance for Tribal Clean Energy was formed to recruit solar construction firms that undergo traditional cultural preservation training. With a total of $20 billion in federal loans available to tribes taking on energy projects, the Alliance for Tribal Clean Energy’s work will help tribes accelerate solar deployment. Read the full article from pv magazine to learn more.

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  • 23rd


    Aug, 2023

    New Tax Credits Will Strengthen Tribal Clean Energy Programs

    Rules proposed by the IRS will allow federally recognized American Indian tribes to access the new clean energy tax credits enacted by the Inflation Reduction Act. Tribes will be able to secure financing and reduce costs for the deployment of renewable energy and other clean energy projects on their lands. Read the article from Bloomberg Law to get more details. 

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  • 13th


    Mar, 2023

    California tribal governments set to make infrastructure improvements with support from state agencies

    A California Energy Commission resolution commits the agency to supporting tribal governments throughout the state in modernizing critical infrastructure and achieving energy sovereignty. The agency, along with the California Public Utilities Commission, will work with tribes to secure Grid Resilience and Innovation Partnerships (GRIP) funding from the Infrastructure Investments and Jobs Act. Read the details of California Energy Commission’s commitment to action. 

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  • 17th


    Feb, 2023

    Tribal communities can apply for DOE funds to strengthen energy security

    New funding is available to tribal nations pursuing energy conservation solutions from the Department of Energy (DOE). In an effort to support a more equitable future for tribal nations, DOE has reserved $50 million to fund projects that lower energy costs and strengthen energy security and resiliency. Visit the Energy Funding Opportunity Exchange to learn more about this announcement. 

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  • 6th


    Feb, 2023

    Northern California tribe’s energy strategy sets a good example for other nations

    Investing in new technology has helped the Blue Lake Rancheria tribe become more energy independent. The tribe’s leaders worked with outside partners and received financial aid to afford these improvements. As a result of these investment, the community is better prepared for long-term success. Resources, like Inflation Reduction Act funding opportunities, are available to help tribes with energy-saving projects. Read the full details on the Blue Lake Rancheria tribe’s path to resilience.

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  • 14th


    Dec, 2022

    More Than $720 Million in Funds Set Aside for Tribal Nations as Part of Inflation Reduction Act

    Tribes investing in clean energy and combating climate change can now access incentives, tax deductions and tax credits. Many efforts and projects that tribes take on are eligible for direct funding opportunities through the Inflation Reduction Act. Find out how these funds are distributed. 

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  • 10th


    Oct, 2022

    Native Communities Find Energy Independence with Renewables

    Tribal communities are investing in clean energy solutions to improve their energy independence, gain control over energy decisions that affect their communities and better protect their land and the environment. Many indigenous communities have already taken on clean energy projects, and they’ve established nonprofits to spread awareness and form partnerships between nations. 

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