• 14th


    Dec, 2022

    More Than $720 Million in Funds Set Aside for Tribal Nations as Part of Inflation Reduction Act

    Tribes investing in clean energy and combating climate change can now access incentives, tax deductions and tax credits. Many efforts and projects that tribes take on are eligible for direct funding opportunities through the Inflation Reduction Act. Find out how these funds are distributed. 

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  • 10th


    Oct, 2022

    Native Communities Find Energy Independence with Renewables

    Tribal communities are investing in clean energy solutions to improve their energy independence, gain control over energy decisions that affect their communities and better protect their land and the environment. Many indigenous communities have already taken on clean energy projects, and they’ve established nonprofits to spread awareness and form partnerships between nations. 

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  • 28th


    Mar, 2022

    Tribes win federal funding as they enhance energy security and pursue microgrids

    Indigenous communities across the U.S. developed microgrids, localized electrical grids and other sources of electricity to become more resilient and energy secure. 13 American Indian and Native Alaskan communities will receive funding from the Department of Energy to support clean-energy projects.  In total, $9 million has been set aside. 

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